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Thomas Castleman


I'm Thomas Hade Castleman (you may find a couple other Thomas Castlemans (Castlemans? Castlemen?) online. I'm the Linux-y one). I often go by Batcastle, or some rendition of that, on most websites. You may know me from Drauger OS: An Ubuntu-based Linux Operating System designed exclusively for gaming.

I have a multiple projects of varying size which all feed into Drauger OS. You can find them on the Drauger OS GitHub Account. I have also a few projects that I work on outside of Drauger OS. You can find those personal projects on my personal GitHub Account.

Outside of software, I can also be found 3D printing, playing video games, watching anime, and occasionally dabling with some light electrical engineering. You can also find me rambling or complaining about any number of things on Mastodon.

This website is still under construction. Check back later to see if more has been added!